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Why Tint Vehicle Windows?

People tint their windows for many different reasons, here are just a few below!

What Tints Are Available?

There are many different shades of tint available, the main films we stock are:

There are more films available on request, which are:

What is VLT?

VLT stands for Visible Light Transmission. This is a measure of how much light passes threw the glass.

Can The Film Be Removed?

Yes, our film can be removed with specialist equipment, to return the glass back to its original state.

Can I Open My Windows Straight Away?

It is advised with the warranty that the freshly tinted windows are left closed for a minimum of 48 hours. The total cure time for the film is 4 days, but 2 days is usually sufficient to roll the windows down.

How Long Will You Need The Vehicle For?

Usually each vehicle will be needed for half a day, ie a morning, or an afternoon. But sometimes we will advise the vehicle should be kept for a full day. But this does usually mean you can drop your vehicle off in the morning, and pick up in the evening with your tinted windows!

How Long Does Tint Last?

Our window film in backed by a manufactures 10 year guarantee!

I Have Had a Cheaper Price From Someone Else.

That’s fine, if you want a cheap job, but do you? A lot of our work comes from re-tinting from cheaper jobs being done, you get what you pay for in the end. and all our work is guaranteed, and we use the highest quality film, installed by professionals. But we are reasonable and competitive with our pricing, all vehicles are priced on the glass, and not by the badge on the front!

When Your Vinyling, How Long Will You Need My Vehicle For?

For single panels such as a roof or bonnet, half a day is adequate, 2 panels a full day, and so on! But for a full vehicle wrap we would be looking 5-7 days with your vehicle.

Another Company Can Turn My Full Wrap Round In 2-3 Day, What’s Different?

Some companies may claim to be able to wrap a car in just a few days, which is fine, but you will usually find that these companies will literally walk the vinyl from the front of the car, to the back. The cut down the edges. Here at Humberside Tints, when the vehicle is received we will spend a full day stripping down the vehicle of the bumpers and moulding's etc, then each panel will be wrapped individually to give the best possible finish. This means each door has been wrapped separately to give a perfect finish. After this the vehicle will be put back together, and the vehicle is ready for collection!


Humberside Tints Ltd, Unit 1E, Harrier Road, Barton upon Humber

DN18 5RP


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